I summer at camp”Mommy’s Day Off” and believe that Mother’s Day should be in true celebration of mom.

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Not to say that children should be excluded, necessarily… but they should be swept away by your partner for the full day.  It is YOUR day, you shouldn’t have to make meals, snacks, do a potty run, discipline a child, raise your voice, etc.

Simply put, you as a mother should have no stress at all.

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You are free to do whatever you want.  If that is brunch with the kids, great, but if those kids are misbehaving, it is not your day to deal with it.

Whether or not you work full time, or you are a full time mom, it is only fair that you should not be relied upon to be the bearer of “mom stress” for ONE darn day of the year.  Am I right?

Children are beautiful, hilarious, and amazing creatures, but they are exhausting, stubborn, and downright PITAs most days of the year, you deserve a break from this for one day, at least once every single year.

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I had hands down the best Mothers Day in my history as a mom thus far.  My husband did everything he could to ensure that I had the best day possible.  From sleeping in, to the PERFECT gifts, to taking charge of the kids all day, and even making us a delicious dinner, he pulled it off 110%.

Mothers Day

I’m not here to gloat, but he did some pretty special things that were thoughtfully in appreciation of not only my work as a mother, but my work as a wife, and now entrepreneur for our family. We are both so thankful for the changes that have brought me home to take care of our boys full time, and he clearly wanted to show me this in his own way.

To top the day off, it was my my youngest’s fourth birthday, and we celebrated with just the four of us today, which was absolutely perfect for how I wanted to spend my special day!

Needless to say, today was quite a great day.  If only every day were Mother’s Day…

Tomorrow, we go back to normal grind,

Morning Stress

but I am going to sleep tonight revived and feeling completely and utterly loved.  I am not sure there is anything better in this world.  I hope everyone had their own special day whether that was being celebrated or celebrating their mother!

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