This begins my first entry in this blog in almost exactly two years.

We’ll just blame it on work and leave it at that.

Wednesdays of old and Wednesdays of New

Those of you who know me professionally, know that I  just recently left the the field of IT   where I worked in the profession for a number of different industries.  What remained the common denominator among the leaders of those organizations, was that they still found it very necessary to hold pointless staff meetings in which 99% of attendees dread every second of the meeting.

During said meeting, we are read a number of very uninspiring bullet points by each attendee as we wait our turn to read our same boring list.  All of us sit in agony as we think of all the actual work we could have accomplished during the meeting and any preparations prior to it.  We all do our damndest NOT to snap about the stupidity of all of it, some win those fights and others do not.

My “weekly” occurrence” of this fun fest seemed to always appear on a Wednesday.  No matter where I went, what I did, this meeting followed me around like the bad tattoo I got when I was 17.

Wednesdays literally became my least favorite day of the week.  I blamed everything on them, simply because of one thirty minute meeting and that is just ridiculous.

I decided quite recently that I would be a lot happier raising the real children that I have at home rather than spend a second longer raising the adult variation I had somehow adopted at the office.

My Wednesdays have changed quite dramatically… Instead of status report meetings I am wrangling a stubborn and tenacious 5 year old, and his younger, savvier brother into clothes for preschool.  Convincing them that “food is good for you” and dropping them off for what is my most wonderful day of the week.

Wednesdays now are the one day where I get a full FOUR hours away from my children in the entirety of the WHOLE week!!! Can you imagine ALL that I will get done?!?!?!  Today I managed a more than frugal stop to Aldi, Ordered up my Juice Plus+, wandered Target ALONE (for over an hour!),

    came home and put away groceries, and still made it in time to wait in the carpool line.  Who’s kicking butt at the whole SAHM thing?!

From now on, Wednesdays take on a whole new meaning.  They won’t necessarily be the same week to week.  Come May, the pool opens up and we get to venture down and start living life down by the water.  But the last thing that I will be doing is adding input for some lost in orbit project I have been trying to move forward for an obscene amount of time, oops sorry trailing again…

We’ll bask in the sunshine as much as possible until our we get to the pool and beach.  Water Tables, Sprinklers, Water Guns, Chalk, whatever gets them to sleep, I am game.


As the summer grows longer, I will be repeating to my son that he needs to listen, or eat,or not hit his brother, or all those things, just to the other child.  Who knows, but it won’t be done for the sake of empowering someone else to have a better life other than someone I actually CARE about.  I am working to give my family a better life.  Moving Riley Floyd off to Kindergarten and Desmond Cash into Pre-K at his preschool so they can grow and be better men and do something amazing like their daddy (& mommy) does.

From now on, I will work to make Wednesdays a special day to remind us of how they have changed me. In two years, I have gone from miserable lackey to making my own rules, all because of these beautiful faces before me.

I make no promises that the road ahead will be easy, but if you can bare with me, I think it will be a fun ride.  They usually are.  😉


My anticipated cadence for this blog is maybe one to two times a week.  Depending on exciting events going on in my world… Ha.   Stay tuned though, this week will be exciting as many of you may already know I have some exciting news on one major business venture in my life.  Look forward to staying much more in touch! 🙂