Things like cake and the Easter Bunny and PMS are reasons why I will never be a size 4 again and I am totally ok with that (to a certain extent).


I stumbled upon a new term today while reading this super inspiring post on HuffPost Women, Fat Activism.  Also known as the Fat Acceptance Movement, it is a progressive theory aimed at changing the anti-fat attitudes and social stigmas that can be identified with overweight people.  All people want to be treated equally and fairly, and of course that includes overweight people.  I can completely relate to this idea, everyone wants to feel good about themselves, but that can be a really hard thing to achieve.

High self-esteem can be a total bitch sometimes.  You don’t always feel good about yourself and that sucks, but no matter what your struggles might be, there is always someone who thinks you are beautiful and amazing no matter what your size or how you look.

Even at my tiniest, I struggled with image issues, no thigh gap?!  Gasp! I was a total cow!  I mean come on, who doesn’t?  I am sure some of the most beautiful and highly paid supermodels take a look in the mirror sometimes and have issues with something they see. Now that I am a bit older, I am little easier on myself, but still find my inner voice victimizing me for eating a piece of cake or a little too much candy while stuffing Easter eggs for an hour…


I try to eat healthy, I exercise, but I am not a size 4.  I am not close, not too far away either, but I am not setting unrealistic goals for myself that will cause me to feel bad about the way I look.  I am pretty sure the people who love me think I am beautiful and don’t care if I can’t fit into jeans that I wore seven years ago.  (Or spend an entire weekend without make up and in yoga pants.  In actuality, yoga pants can make you look hot if your rock ‘em right.)  Just remember, there’s always someone who thinks you look amazing, like this adorable face!

Me and bean

The always stunning Meryl Streep had some amazing words of advice on the topic recently when accepting her honorary doctorate from Indiana University, “For young women, I would say, don’t worry so much about your weight. Girls spend way too much time thinking about that, and there are better things. For young men, and women, too, what makes you different or weird, that’s your strength. Everyone tries to look a cookie-cutter kind of way, and actually the people who look different are the ones who get picked up. I used to hate my nose. Now, I don’t.”  

The best advice I can give when you are feeling down is do whatever it takes to put a smile on your face, walk yourself to a mirror and relish in that gorgeous face!  If that means eating a special treat, going for a run (HA!), buying a flattering outfit, getting some pampering in, whatever it is, DO IT!  Don’t neglect yourself, pampering and spoiling yourself a little bit is healthy.


With that being said, I made this for a friend’s birthday this weekend…  Thankfully it was shared with a large group of people.

cake 1 cake 2

Happy trails!