I have been an avid fan of many sitcoms over the years.  Avid honestly doesn’t even begin to describe my blind devotion to some of them. I rarely watch reality TV, and when I do give the blockbuster reality shows a chance, I lose interest (or more likely DVR space) after the first or second episode.   I watch my beloveds when they break my heart and watch them when they are literally terrible, terrible wastes of time, but I generally love every second of them because, climatically, they resolve each episode or at the least, each season satisfactorily.

I generally devote my screen time to the shows that make me happy: The Mindy Project, New Girl, Parks & Rec, Brooklyn 99, The Goldbergs, Big Bang Theory, HIMYM, Modern Family, and many more.  Most of these are all relatively new shows, and there are many more on my list that I watch and love, but right now these are my faves.   I watch a few dramas here and there, but nothing can fill the void that shows like Lost and House have left in my soul.

I write this long preface to say WTF screenwriters of TV land?!  I get that you are trying to build on themes that can last multiple seasons, changing the dynamic of extremely important relationships to extend the life of your show, but where does that leave the rest of us?

Jess and Nick, I mean seriously, what the fucking fuck?!  The cowardice of having those two break up so they can retain being best friends!  It is a giant slap in the face to all of us who have fought hard for years and years maintaining relationships with our spouses who happen to also be our best friends.  Relationships aren’t easy, you WILL fight, if you don’t that is not normal.  It just isn’t, so let’s stop pretending that it is justifiable to end the perfect relationship simply because you fight sometimes.  The love was clearly there, why isn’t that enough?!  Because of the above mentioned blind devotion, I will keep on keeping on in the hopes that this development will change, but I just don’t know how I will deal with this show if they can’t get their shit together.  FFS, don’t let Prince down!


Mindy & Danny, I almost want to hate one of my favorite women on the face of the earth for writing this show and then turning the very short relationship they shared upside down.  Had it not been for this mildly inspirational article from BuzzFeed, I would probably be just as pissed off at the show as I was last week with New Girl.  Just like many other viewers, I am upset that after such a short time, Danny just calls it off and clearly leaves a bad taste in not only Mindy’s mouth, but Peter’s as well.  Peter of all people.  (Who didn’t love his addition to the show btw?!  I LOVED him on Happy Endings, another show that was cancelled WELL before its time.)  It is a little easier to see where this might lead in the end, making Mindy a stronger woman, less reliant on finding true love, and Danny desperately realizing that if there will be a second chance, he’d better not screw it up.  This may not happen for five seasons, who knows, but I just can’t see those two not being together.  One can only hold their breath for so long, right?


This leads me to my last bitchfest of the day.  HIMYM.  I watched this show for nine freaking years, that’s more time than I have devoted to most things in my life.  I cringed when Ted made himself seem like the most desperate man on earth over and over again.  I pined for Barney to become the true romantic that he was and stop masking his love with endless escapades.  I envied the chemistry of Marshall and Lily as it was just so palpable and obvious.  I laughed at the craziness that was Robin Sparkles.  No matter the situation, I always found something I enjoyed about each episode even if the theme wasn’t up to par with other shows I love.  I could not have been more disappointed in the ending of this show.

I suspected after a few episodes this season that the mythical “mother” would more than likely have passed away at some point and that is why the story was being told, but to come full circle back to Robin was really hard to stomach.  There was something about her chemistry with Barney as the series wrapped up that just left a bad taste in my mouth.  The focus on career over love, then deserting the group to show up at random points in the latter years was just uncool.  Why after years of heartbreak and disappointment would it seem right that Robin and Ted would end up together?  I am not offended that Ted wanted to move on, but I am that he wanted to do so with Robin.  This show will run on syndication for probably years and there is no chance I will watch a single episode again.  Knowing that the whole time the in the background there’s old guy Ted just having his new dandy relationship with Robin makes it all seem so cheap.


I don’t want to discourage anyone from watching these shows, they are fantastic and if you can get past the uncomfortable relationships, they are amazing pieces of comedy.  I will still watch them all (minus HIMYM) until they end.  That’s how I roll.  I just had to say my piece because I have an outlet to do so.


I will apologize again for the rants, but I feel like over the past few weeks I have watched several shows end or make pivotal changes that I just don’t get.  I know the world is not all peaches and cream, but that is what sitcoms are supposed to provide us with:  A satirical take on life, love, relationships, work, etc.  When you add these uncomfortable and difficult endings, it negates the value of the show and its role as a way to brighten your day when sometimes just “having a laugh” is all you need.

I know there are far more important things to use my limited time writing about, but I just had to spend some time on this topic.  It’s like someone slipped some freaky gray kool-aid in the screenwriters’ collective water fountain and Grumpy Care Bear has taken up residence as mayor of TV land.