I am a typical child of the eighties.  I had Cabbage Patch Kids out the yahoo.  I had Pound Puppies, I watched Rainbow Brite, Transformers, and any cartoon Hanna-Barbera put on the air.  I listened to Michael Jackson records on my Care Bears record player, along with the cult hit from Oscar the Grouch, “I Love Trash.”  (As I am typing this, Tears for Fears in playing on iPhone.)

I was very, very saddened to hear the news that Harold Ramis passed away this week.

I spent (and continue to spend) countless hours watching movies starring Ramis, alongside Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, and many others.  These movies are pieces of my childhood and will always be a piece of me.   I can literally quote almost every line from Ghostbusters.  No lie.  I still watch this at least once a quarter.

In addition to being a fantastic actor, he also wrote, directed, and produced so many of the movies that I love, from Caddyshack to Animal House, to Ghostbusters, to Groundhog Day, they were all certain to have me laughing hysterically. Each movie celebrated the comedic genius this man was so fortunate to have and shared with the world.

While almost everyone of those films has one of my favorite actors in the world, Bill Murray, in the starring role, it was easy to understand the working relationship and friendship these two possessed.  Sadly, as is the case in many Hollywood relationships, they had a falling out after filming Groundhog Day, and didn’t reconnect until close to Ramis’s passing.


I will ensure that throughout my children’s lives, they are exposed to these “classics” and grow up not just watching the remakes of these movies that are sure to come in their later years.  That is my tribute to Mr. Ramis, fostering further generations of love for his work.