The internet has been flooded of late with pictures of dogs with signs admitting to their faults and kids wearing giant t-shirts to force them to get along.  Let me start this off with the statement so you don’t hate me, to each their own.  With that being said, WTF people?

Dog_Shaming_pic  get_along_shirt
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Dog Shaming:


There’s something not quite right about taking the time to write a sign, attach string to it, hang it on your dog, then post it to the internet for everyone to see.  Don’t get me wrong, my dogs do some really stupid crap that makes me super mad some days, but I just don’t see the benefit in then taking the time to share this with the internet world.

Maybe I am just jaded because I think my dogs are the most adorable dogs on the face of the earth, but whenever I go to take a picture lately, this happens:

dogs 22014

Whatever the reason, I truly loathe seeing these posts on the internet.  There are definitely just as many “Hey internets, look at my adorable dog!” posts as well, but they just don’t hold the same dark place in my soul as dog shaming.  My dogs have eaten my furniture, my doors, my walls, my shoes, you name it, they’ve done it, but I have not taken one single pic of them wearing a sign notating this and then posted it to the internet.  Yay me!

So in spite of all this nonsense, here are some pictures in celebration of my amazingly adorable fur babies.

Hurley puppy pic 2 Hurley_Lola pic

Hurley softball Hurley Snow 022014

Hurley, our beloved four year old male lab, is truly the handsomest dog to ever walk the earth.  😉   What he lacks in later life photogenic skills, he certainly makes up for in personality and snugglieness.  He is my Bubs, my giant baby boy, and he never lets me forget it.  Whether attempting to lay his 100 pound self 100% in my lap, or maneuver himself to stand directly between my legs, he doesn’t let me forget that he is my special guy.

Lola canoe 2 Lola puppy beach

Lola rock Lola beach

Lola is our five year old female (ironically both dogs are exactly a year apart in age) and is CRAZY for human attention from strangers.  I’m pretty sure, should someone break into our home, she would be the least successful deterrent to any would be robbers or assailants.  She literally smiles when she sees people.  It is a rare phenomenon to see a dog smile, but she can do it.  We have had so many people comment on this and while it is probably under appreciated in our household, we know she is super special because of this.


The “Get Along” Shirt:



Oh my goodness how the thought of this as a parent makes me go all crazy lady inside.  I get that people have their own parenting tactics, and for that I am very supportive.  I don’t want one person telling me how I should be doing this whole motherhood thing just as much as the next lady.  But, I would never in a million years find this to be a good idea for my kids.

Over half of the pictures posted to the internet regarding this topic are of crying kids or at the very least, those who clearly are not enjoying the activity.  Yes, I post pictures of my boys on Facebook, to my blog, Instagram, etc. but, I have enough respect for them to post only those where they may not come to resent me later in life for doing.  (Or so I hope.)

But let’s forget my opinions on the matter of airing this BS on the web and get down to the nitty gritty of the issue at hand:  You are forcing your kids to do something they clearly don’t want to do and may never do.  Siblings don’t always get along.



While one person may have the most amazing relationship with their brother or sister, another person may not like theirs at all.  That is just human nature.  Why put your kids, much less yourself, through the struggle of forcing them to get along?

I know, you are all reading this going, oh yeah, she doesn’t get it because her kids aren’t even over the age of four yet.  Well, I do.  I sympathize with parents who have kids that don’t get along.  But in spite of that, I know you can’t force someone to like another person.  This generally only ends in resentment.  It doesn’t matter what someone’s age is, the simple fact remains that not everyone can be friends, that sometimes includes your closest relatives.

Instead of forcing feelings and relationships, why not foster an environment of individuality?  Kids are going to fight over stuff.  Instead of putting them together into a giant t-shirt, maybe separate them and let them cool off.  Quite possibly they will decide to then be nice to their sibling.  Perhaps they won’t, but instead of forcing them into something they don’t want to do, you are letting them take control over their emotions.



I am by no means a psychology expert and there could be some effective results for these particular parents and their kid shaming on the internet.  I respect that this is the practice they have chosen for their families.  I just hope that maybe one person out there reads my silly little opinion, and thinks for second about what they are about to do before pulling over that 3xx t-shirt, with the lovely Sharpie script on it, over their screaming kids’ heads, snaps a pic on their iPhone, and posts it for all the world to see.

I hope the dynamic between my boys never changes, I hope they will be the best of friends from here until the end of time.  I really, really do.  But, if that should change, I will respect them for their differences and just do my best to be as supportive as I can to each of them individually.  For now, I will cherish the  moments where they climb all over each other and the dog and spend countless hours laughing at their own jokes.

hurley and kids

(If you look really hard, you will see Hurley at the bottom of that happy little pile.  Seriously, he is the best.)