I LOVE a good snow day.  Maybe it’s because I was born in the tail end of winter.  Maybe it’s because I love to relish in my inner winter hermit.  Whatever the reason, I really, really enjoy a snow day.

Snowday 5 21314

Here in RVA, we are not equipped to handle snow in large quantities, and anything over an inch nowadays constitutes a large quantity.  Our infrastructure cripples under just the mention of snow. Schools close even before the first snowflake has fallen and governments and some business follow suit fairly quickly.

People here go CRAZY and rush out to raid the stores of bread and milk, this is not a joke.  These two foods go quick when there is a mention of snow.  I read an article earlier in the week that mentioned someone buying 12 loaves of bread to prepare for this storm.  Who needs this much bread & what they plan on doing to keep it fresh, I don’t want to know.

In my household, we have a very limited tolerance for actually playing in the snow however.  While our excitement is unbridled as it starts to fall and the streets are quickly covered, the thought of the thirty minutes getting dressed in gear that you can barely move in just doesn’t do it for me.

We still make it outside, but usually for very limited amounts of time.  My boys are not quite old enough to get the whole sledding thing, and get bored with the process pretty quickly once they realize they have to bring the sleds back up the hill if they want to ride them again.

Snowday 8 21314 Snowday 1 21314

My three year old has just learned how to make snow angels.  I think he just appreciates the fact that he has a good reason to just lay around when he’s outside.

Snowday 2 21314

What I enjoy most about a snow day is mainly the fact that I get a validated excuse to sit in my house, wearing yoga pants, sipping hot beverages, by a gas fireplace.

Fireplace 21314

We make the appropriate snow foods, like chili, hot chocolate, grilled cheese, etc. and simply get to hang out as family on a day where we are normally apart.   I absolutely love it that I get to be home to watch movies and eat popcorn, and just take time to ourselves to be a family.  It’s thinking about missing moments like this that make a snow day the very best days for a mom.

Desmond 21314 Desmond 2 21314

I mean seriously, who doesn’t want to be home to witness their 21 month old climb on top of the kitchen island to crawl into the Play Doh box on a Thursday?