Back when I was younger and far less informed, I thought the Olympics were amazing.

Countries from all over the world sending in their best to compete for shiny medals and chances to appear on Wheaties boxes.


Who could ask for more in the sporting world?  I usually only watched a few select events, gymnastics, figure skating, swimming, and perhaps some skiing, but I would get extremely excited to see the good ole USA rack up those medals.


This year I am having an extremely hard time stomaching the idea of supporting them in anyway possible.  Be it Putin’s clearly bigoted stance on homosexuality, or the fact that they have hired private firms to slaughter stray dogs to make the location more aesthetically pleasing, I just cannot in good conscience support them.  Clearly the country itself is ill-equipped to hold the games as well, as hordes of media reps have discovered since arriving there and checking into their “hotels.”

I won’t spend a lot of time going into my personal beliefs on either matter, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, whether I think they are right or wrong.  My choice to boycott them may be very different from yours and I totally get that.

Perhaps if there is one thing I can do, is to make you laugh a little bit when you think about them as they start today.  I stumbled across this gem and have no choice but to share it.  I hope you can laugh and find the humor in it, as I have done.  (Note:  Make sure you have the volume on when watching or the value is lost dramatically.)