My challenge wrapped up yesterday & I am really excited to share my results with the internet world!  PSA – There will be no B/A pictures with this post, as I do not intend to share with the world what a mess I am in the mornings.  Instead here’s a happy selfie from my couch.

Me 011514

After a mildly difficult 24 days, I have lost 19.5 inches off my body!  It wasn’t quite the right time of the month to be weighing myself, (you ladies know what I mean…) so I decided to stay off the scale & only use my measuring tape this morning.  I’m pretty sure had I done so, most of the pounds lost would have come from my boobs, those poor dears.  I am really looking forward to shedding more girth in the coming months & can’t wait to start another cleanse in March.  Check out the 24 Day Challenge & let me know if you are interested.

Unfortunately, I have to go under the knife on Thursday for a minor laparoscopy for my endometriosis, so I am staying off my supplements for the next few days.  I am no newbie when it comes to these procedures, so don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.  The days, if not weeks, of post-surgery bloat are not something I am looking forward to however.  If you see me on the street, please don’t think I am back to eating a bag of gummy bears a night, it’s just my body recovering to being blown up like a balloon for the sake of medical science.

Speaking of gummy bears, did you happen to see this hilarious post from that was going around on Facebook last week?  Please take a minute to read it, I promise it will be worth the trip to the bathroom.  (I recommend this if you are reading from work, as it could make you burst out laughing.  No one needs to know how totally unproductive you are on a Monday when half the nation gets to stay at home for a holiday.  BTW – Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. day everyone!)  Maybe the next cleanse I do should be this one?  Who wants to join me?

Oooh, I did forget to mention that we got a little snow here in RVA last week & are anticipating up to six inches tomorrow!  Squee!  I am not holding my breath, but I may go out today &  buy some bread.  😉  Let’s all cross our fingers & toes that we get to see a good snowfall this week & then Spring can go right on ahead & roll in right behind it.   Oh, but doesn’t my lovely home look adorable in the snow?

Snow pic 1  011614

Anywho, I hope everyone has a wonderful week & I can’t wait to check in soon!