Hi and thanks for stopping by SlightlySocializedSuburbanite!   This page is my outlet for all life has to offer & to throw my way.  I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do sharing it with you!

Just a little insight into myself.  My name is Alexa, but feel free to call me Lexi, as all my friends & family do.


I am married to my amazing partner-in-crime, Ryan. Together we raise our two adorably spunky little boys Riley & Desmond, who generally dictate my every move.


I live for those two tornadoes; I literally spend every waking hour of my life thinking of ways to make their lives as fulfilling as possible, while trying to hold myself back from the rational, yet secret fits of “mommy rage” that I am sure we all feel when we think we are talking to a room full of deaf ears.  I just recently left, let’s call it for what it is, folks: a shitty, stressful corporate IT gig, & poof decided to become a stay at home mom! Adjustment takes time people.

Both Ryan & I grew up in suburban Richmond, VA, but moved to the Fan district once we graduated high school.  We spent eleven years loving our city lives, but decided it was time to try life back in the county a few years ago.  This move marked a turning point in our lives, where we decided to start a family.  Six years later, we have built our 1st home and are still adjusting to the various demands suburban life throws our way.

In addition to being a super awesome super hero mom, I am also proud to represent one of the most amazing lines in direct sales fashion, LulaRoe.  This brand is amazing, and provides the most gorgeous clothing for each and every type of woman.  The line for children is just as adorable and we just launched menswear!  Almost every outfit you see me wearing on this blog will be a piece from this brand. So cute a comfy! Contact me anytime for more information!  https://alexaphillips.mylularoe.com (Sorry, shameless, but a girl’s gotta eat.)

You can always find me on FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LulaRoeLovebyAlexa/ 

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 7.58.12 PM

Over the past six months I have also been on quite the weight loss journey and have managed to lose just shy of forty pounds!  I attribute this far less to exercise than I do to circumstances and diet, but I one thing has remained pretty consistent.  I have been steadfastly trying to be as healthy as possible and watch what I eat.  I know, boring, right?

Do you know what helps?  (Insert shameless plug #2…)  Taking Juice Plus+.  As a family, we swear by it.  Both my husband and I feel better than we have in years and our children are finally getting fruits and veggies that we couldn’t imagine them eating on their own.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 8.23.03 PMIf you are ever interested in learning more, please reach out.  It is an AMAZING product.

We’ve tried many, for one end goal, this is the only one that we truly use just because we want to. My personal website is located by clicking here: http://ap93605.juiceplus.com/content/JuicePlus/en.html

In 2014,  I decided to start a blog not only to discuss any topic I could possiblye put into words, but as an place to share my successes & failures as I work towards a better me.  (Uber cliche, I know…).  I was looking to lose weight, but change the way we eat & think about food.  As much as I loved me some junk food & fast food, these days needed to be over.

I also wanted an outlet to express the pieces of me that I just wasn’t quite fulfilling by writing technical requirements and SQL statements… I let that go and focused almost 200% on work for almost two years.  Now as I turn things back onto my family and myself, I cannot think of a better place to share those experiences.

Looking forward to a time well spent!